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Physical Therapy Equipment

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Physical Therapy Equipment

Bicycle-related pain and accidents are commonly associated with bad bike fit. If you have pain associated specifically to biking, you might have a bicycle fit issue.

Bike Fit Basics

Keep a managed but relaxed hold of the handlebars.
Change your hand place on the handlebars frequently for upper body comfort.
Whenever pedaling, your leg should be somewhat bent at the base of the pedal stroke.
Avoid rocking your hips while pedaling.

Problems and Possible Solutions

Problem: Anterior (Front) Knee Pain
Feasible reasons are having a seat that's too low, pedaling at a low cadence (rate), using your quadriceps muscles too much in pedaling, misaligned bicycle cleat for those whom use clipless pedals, and muscle imbalance in your legs (strong quadriceps and weak hamstrings).

Problem: Neck Pain
Possible causes include bad handlebar or seat place. A poorly placed handlebar might be too low, at too great a reach, or at too short a reach. A saddle with excessive downward tilt can be a source of neck discomfort.

Problem: Lower Back Pain
Possible reasons include inflexible hamstrings, low cadence, making use of your quadriceps muscles too a great deal in pedaling, poor back power, and too-long or too-low handlebars.

Problem: Hamstring Tendinitis
Possible causes are inflexible hamstrings, high saddle, misaligned bicycle cleat for those who use clipless pedals, and poor hamstring power.

Problem: Hand Numbness or Pain
Possible causes are short-reach handlebars, poorly placed brake levers, and a downward tilt of the saddle.

Problem: Leg Numbness or Pain
Possible causes are making use of quadriceps muscles too a lot in pedaling, low cadence, defective foot mechanics, and misaligned bicycle cleat for those who use clipless pedals.

Problem: Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)
Possible causes are too-high seat, leg length distinction, and misaligned bike cleat for those whom use clipless pedals.
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