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Thursday, 06 November 2014 21:42

Longevity Physical Therapy

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Longevity Physical Therapy

Fitness Across the Lifespan

From avoiding and reducing back discomfort to developing a customized exercise regimen, real practitioners assist individuals protect movement and flexibility as they age. However, they're also dealing with the physical challenges that accompany aging, and they're sharing their experiences to show that real task doesn't have to end with age.

Learn much more below about the challenges physical practitioners have experienced with age and how they've overcome them to remain healthy and vibrant.

Lisa Culver, PT, DPT, MBA
"A couple of years ago my back started to get rigid. Information technology was worst in the morning, and because I happened to be in my forties, we thought it was arthritis. As it developed gradually, it took a lengthy time for me to understand it wasn't simply me getting old. Also as a real therapist it is difficult to diagnose yourself."

Erik Moen, PT
"Feet and ankle musculature lose their capabilities fairly quickly as we age. Bad foot/ankle fitness impacts stability and your capability to stay "upright," and/or prevent falls. we work on single-foot stability tasks and calf stretching to ensure my upright capabilities stay intact as we age."

Bernadette Williams, PT, DSc, GCS
"Throughout my 30s and early-40s I competed in 5k and 10k road races and always strove to finish early sufficient to make a medal or ribbon. Today fast ahead to the present, I'm nearing 50, and while I still love competitive activities, my joints can't take the pounding they took in my youth. So, have we stopped working out altogether? No, but I've made some customizations therefore I don't additional harm my joints."

Patrice Winter, PT, MPT, MS, FAAOMPT
"Do I've discomfort? Usually. Just what do we do about information technology? I rest a time or two, take an anti-inflammatory, and allow my human body to recover. Then, we work straight back into the activity with gentle stretching and gradual strengthening. It's crucial for both muscle mass and heart health to heat up and cool off down before and after working out."

Robert Gillanders, PT, DPT
"I'd run my first marathon 10 many years prior, and somehow along the way managed to trim 40 minutes off my marathon time! How was I faster at 42 than we was at 32? we recognize that rather of maintaining the exact same training routine, I adapted in purchase to compensate for the changes that were occurring as I aged."

William O'Grady, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT
"There's no reason to raise hefty weights at this phase in your lifetime. However, it is important to keep your power therefore that you can avoid issues with stability and keep an active way of life."
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