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Thursday, 22 May 2014 19:29

Traditional Pilates with Cardio and Endurance Training

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These types of movements blend the core strengthening components of traditional pilates with cardio and strength training.
1. Core Stability Challenge
Objectives: Low ab muscles.

How: Place the small pilates ball below your tailbone (it is possible without the ball). Keep your hands in a "hover" location just off the floor. Boost both legs off the ground, taking your knees immediately in line having your hips to create a 90-degree incline, then extend one leg out at a time without arching your straight back. Aim to have the pelvis region as still as feasible by employing your deep core and pelvic floor muscles. When you are feeling super-strong, try aligning both the legs next to each other.

Amount: 15 to 20 extensions per leg (or twenty using legs together).

2. Shoulder Bridge

Objectives: Glutes and hamstrings.

How: put a small pilates ball beneath your heels (it challenges ones balance, you could get it done without the ball). Leaving one heel on your ball, boost your hips as you extend the other leg vertically. When your lower knee, hips as well as shoulders are lined up, pulse the pelvis up and down, maintaining your pelvis level, then back to the start.

Amount: 15 hip lifts then 15 pulses per leg.

3. Plank

Targets: Core and upper body.

How: Place the forearms on the ground, immediately below your shoulders, and raise your body in a strong, straight-line in order to hover over the ground (newbies can maintain knees on the floor). As you hold, move forwards and backward over the arms with no lifting of the hips. Start out to a side plank by moving your weight on your right arm and the side of your right foot as well as switching your body to face the left. When you can, boost your top leg and draw circles in the air (newbies could drop his or her lower knee towards the floor). Go back to a front side plank and repeat the side plank on the right.

Amount: keep front plank and side plank for 30-60 seconds each.

4. V-Sit And Arm Row

Objectives: Upper body and core.

How: Wrap a resistance band around the balls of the feet, straighten out your legs as well as draw back, ensuring there is a great level of resistance. Maintaining your upper body straight, tip back a little and boost your legs into a table-top position, knee joints at 90 degrees to pelvis. If possible, extend your legs to ensure that your body creates a V. Keep abdomen stiff and pull the elbows beyond your hips. Release forward and repeat in a rowing motion, maintaining your core as still as possible.

Amount: 15 to 20 arm rows.

5. Scissors

Objectives: Ab Muscles.

How: laying face up, raise your head and shoulders a little off of the floor and extend both legs up towards the ceiling. Reach for one leg (aim for the ankle or low calf) and pull it carefully towards the torso as you bring down the opposite leg to hover just away from the ground. Shift legs in a scissor action, maintaining your core stable.

Quantity: 30 to 40 per leg.
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