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Friday, 25 July 2014 19:15

Pilates and long distance swimming!

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Marathon swimmer Doug McConnell circumnavigated the island of Manhattan to clinch the Triple Crown of available water swimming and join an elite club of less than 100 users worldwide.

Although he started swimming as a youngster, the 56-year-old stated it is the forbearance that comes with age that helped buoy him through the 29,611 shots in final month's swim.

"We guys in the 50-to-60 range still have sufficient competitive drive to make it fun and there are particular things with which we are much more patient,” stated McConnell.

“Patience is a crucial element in a nine-hour swim.”

By completing the 28.5-mile (46-kilometer) swim McConnell, whom had currently swam the English Channel and the Catalina Channel in California, finished swimming' s Triple Crown. Fewer than 100 swimmers have actually done information technology, in accordance to WOWSA (World Open liquid Swimming Association).

McConnell admits age features altered his design and he is a different sort of swimmer now.

"I happened to be a competitive butterflyer as a young man. I can’t do that anymore,” he stated.

Today McConnell, a Chicago-based investment banker, swims to raise money in memory of his father, David, who died from the motor neuron condition amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in 2006.

While most of his training involves swimming miles in the pool because much as six times a week for two hours a day, McConnell additionally lifts weights.

“I also do a great deal of yoga and Pilates,” he said. “Swimming is reasonably low impact but overuse accidents are an issue.”

American Council on Workout personal instructor, health and swim mentor Cris Dobrosielski said in marathon swimming, the athlete is only as strong as his weakest link.

“If the throat, arms and back are perhaps not fortified, you’ll have interruptions,” said Dobrosielksi, author of the guide “Going the Distance.”

Dobrosielksi, whom is based in San Diego, California, believes opportunities have actually exposed for the aging athlete as the physical fitness industry becomes more conscious of what the body can do if it paces itself and does foundational work.

“The concern is ‘How to I continue to do what we love whenever it gets harder and harder?’” he said. “Ironically, the older you get the less time you’ll spend doing your activity, if you’re smart, and the more time you’ll spend doing supportive tasks.”

McConnell added that the best planning cannot control for the waves and wildlife that confront available water swimmers.

“That’s why exactly what Diana Nyad did had been remarkable on therefore numerous levels,” he said of the then 64-year-old swimmer who went from Cuba to Florida in 2013. “Jelly seafood come out at night and they actually mean to kill you.”

McConnell is currently weighing a 12-mile (19-kilometer) swim across the Strait of Gibraltar.

“You begin in Spain and swim to Morocco. Apparently the water can get pretty wild and then there are the container vessels and tankers,” he said. “It is considered to be quite a feather in the limit.”
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