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Friday, 04 September 2015 04:39

Now Offering Physical Therapy Packages

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Clients often ask if we have discounted physical therapy sessions or packages...and now we do!  We have found a high demand for self pay physical therapy options as the scope of medical insurance coverages contiue to change. Many people have limited coverage or very high deductibles and out of pocket costs, and find it more beneficial to take advantage of self pay options for their physical therapy.

If you have found that you need physical therapy treatment after your medical insurance benefits are exhausted, that your copays are too high, or that you would like to continue your Pilates program with a physical therapist, the Discount Physical Therapy Packages are a great choice for you! Take advantage of your HSA account; we can provide you 
with receipts to submit for your HSA. Our 30 minute PT sessions includes an evaluation on the first day and communication with your medical doctor if requested. Treatments may include manual therapy, ultrasound, electric stimulation, taping, ice and heat, therapeutic exercise, Pilates and home program design.

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Doreen Hall

Full Pilates and Physical Therapy center with the highest quality Physical Therapists as well as a Pilates fitness center (privates/groups) We bill all insurance plans for Physical Therapy.

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