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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 01:20

Meet Nikki Griggs, B.A. Pilates Instructor!

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Pilates People Profile Series:    

Nikki Griggs, B.A. Pilates Instructor


Nicolette Griggs (formerly Nicolette Mullen) has been with the Pilates People family since 2011.

Nikki took her first Pilates class over 8 years ago and was immediately hooked. With a background in yoga, running, and plyometric training, she found Pilates to be the perfect balance between strength, coordination and flexibility.

Nikki completed her BA in Communications and Marketing. She worked as a fashion developer for several companies such as Pac Sun, Charlotte Russe, and Quicksilver. After years of personal practice and training, she finally decided to make her passion into a career. She completed her 500 hour Pilates mat and apparatus certification through a PMA studio in San Diego. Nikki went on to work for some well established studios in the San Diego area.

Nikki recently had a beautiful baby girl, and really wanted to talk about the benefits of Pilates, and its impact during and after pregnancy.

Q: Nikki, it might be a cliché question, but I think it’s an important one:  why do you love Pilates?

N:   It is an important question! You can’t assume everyone loves it for the same reasons, it really depends on the individual. For me, I love how inclusive it is, that Pilates is a form of movement that everyone can benefit from. Whether you are looking to tone up and get in shape or transitioning out of physical therapy, Pilates is the key. I recently endured a long and difficult 9 month pregnancy, and Pilates was the only exercise that I was able to continue and it is also the reason I was able bounce back so quickly! 

Q: Is it safe to practice Pilates while pregnant?

N:  I get asked this question A LOT and the answer is YES! Pregnant women should always get their doctor’s approval first, for any strength or fitness regimen. Bearing children is no easy task and your body goes through a lot of changes both during and after the birth. Pilates strengthens and maintains the pelvic floor muscles that are imperative to both core strength and spinal health. Pilates during pregnancy aids in maintaining this foundation, which can help both during the actual birth process, as well as the post postpartum recovery!

Q:  So many people already do so many other forms of exercise—why add Pilates?

As a fitness enthusiast myself, I know how important exercise and training is for a lot of people. Whether you are into running, tennis, surfing, triathlon training, or all of the above, Pilates is a great addition to any regimen. These sports are fun and great for your health, but they can be hard on the body. Most people who train hard have experienced some form of injury, from a minor muscle ache to severe back or joint pain. Pilates keeps the body strong from the inside out. It promotes core strength, proper alignment and flexibility, which in turn leads to injury prevention and peak performance! 

Q:   Thank you for letting me interview you!

N:   Not a problem! I really love any chance I can get to educate current and prospective clients about Pilates. Pilates really is unique, and you can’t trulyappreciate it until you experience it. Everyone becomes a convert once they’ve tried it!

*If you would like to reserve a session with Nikki, give us a call! Her schedule is as follows (see www.pilatespeople.com for pricing):

Private Sessions: (2-3 private sessions are recommended for those new to Pilates, before beginning “duets/trios” or joining a class. “Duets” and “Trios” are sessions where you and up to 2 other friends can take a reformer session together.)

Monday                      6 a.m., 7 a.m., 8 a.m.

Tuesday                    10 a.m., 11 a.m.

Wednesday              6 a.m., 7 a.m., 8 a.m.

Thursday                   10 a.m.

Pilates Group Reformer Class: (Group reformer classes can have between 4-5 clients at a time.)

Tuesday                     12:00 p.m.


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