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Friday, 18 December 2015 04:50

A.C.T. active core training workshop

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Workshop on Jan 10, 2015-- developed over years of working with clients with back pain, the A.C.T. program will give you the tools you need to live a life free of back pain!!  SIgn up now to reserve your spot!
call 858-452-0300 to register. 

Friday, 04 September 2015 04:39

Now Offering Physical Therapy Packages

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Clients often ask if we have discounted physical therapy sessions or packages...and now we do!  We have found a high demand for self pay physical therapy options as the scope of medical insurance coverages contiue to change. Many people have limited coverage or very high deductibles and out of pocket costs, and find it more beneficial to take advantage of self pay options for their physical therapy.

If you have found that you need physical therapy treatment after your medical insurance benefits are exhausted, that your copays are too high, or that you would like to continue your Pilates program with a physical therapist, the Discount Physical Therapy Packages are a great choice for you! Take advantage of your HSA account; we can provide you 
with receipts to submit for your HSA. Our 30 minute PT sessions includes an evaluation on the first day and communication with your medical doctor if requested. Treatments may include manual therapy, ultrasound, electric stimulation, taping, ice and heat, therapeutic exercise, Pilates and home program design.

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Pilates People is excited to be hosting Cathleen Murakami to teach a comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training. As the owners of Pilates People, Dave and I have interviewed and hired more Pilates Instructors than we care to count!  One thing we have leared is that the BEST and the most completely trained Pilates Instructors we ever hired, were trained by Cathleen Murakami. So much so that we would practically hire  trainers that were taught be Cathleen sight unseen, because we value the level of training they have received. We know that anyone trained in Cathleen's Pilates Certification program will be among the very best San Diego has to offer!   Whether you are a physical therapist or an individual with a passion for Pilates, this program will prepare you for a fulfilling career option as a Pilates Teacher.

We are excited to be offering our Pilates Instructor Training Course this fall!

Commencing the weekend of September 11, 2015!

This course is available as a 400 hour, 6 month comprehensive instructor

training program including rehabilitation, labs, observation and much more. This

course is also available as a monthly “pick and choose” workshop series for

those who need supplementation of their current training..

Cathleen’s proven & preferred Stretch-Align-Strengthen workshops cover

textbook anatomy and equipment repertoire as well as hands-on teaching on all

apparatus (cadillac, reformer and Wunda chair) and some mat work. Already

certified trainers can drop in on any one weekend that may interest them to

deepen and enhance their Pilates or anatomy knowledge. The full

comprehensive course will have you prepared to take the PMA certification test,

should you desire.

Full course details and workshop calendar can be found on our website.

Space is limited in order to provide personalized training. We already have a few

registrations so reserve your spot quickly!

www.synergypilates.com for registration.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (760) 632-5677 ext. 2 for questions.

www.pilatespeople.com for information on our course host studio.
Thursday, 28 May 2015 00:56


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Massage Therapy is Back at Pilates People!
Yomana Sukkar CMT
Yomana is a Licensed Certified Massage Therapist and Bodyworker with extensive international experience. She obtained  a high degree of formal education from Lincoln, Rhode Island and has been working professionally as a massage therapist since 2007.
Yomana's interest in the healing arts led her work with teachers throughout the world, where she studied with Reiki Masters in the foothills of the Himalayas, Tibetan Medicine Herbalists in India, Shamans in Peru and Tai Chi Masters in Chile. As a result, her massages consist of a fusion of cross cultural techniques and therapeutic modalities. Her art is finding the tensions and blockages within the body and intuitively identifying their origins to serve each client’s particular needs to rebalance the body and begin the path to healing. Yomana owned and managed a massage studio for 7 years on an internationally renowned kite and windsurfing destination, where she worked with thousands of clients ranging from professional world champion athletes to cancer survivors. She has successfully treated clients with fractures, injuries, chronic pains, pregnancy, scoliosis, alignment issues, amputations, nerve damage and spinal injuries.
According to each client’s unique condition, Yomana tailors massages and treatment plans which may include Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, Reiki, Sacred Hot Stones, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Acupressure, Active Isolated Stretching, Pregnancy, Quantum Touch, Scar Tissue Therapy and Myoskeletal Alignment techniques.
Call Yomana to make an appointment: (401) 787-2555
Sunday, 23 November 2014 22:14

What is Pilates?

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What is Pilates?
Well I believe I have written this before, however, I am feeling like it again…as I ask MYSELF, What is Pilates?  

Another “Pilates” studio is opening in my neighborhood. However, is it really Pilates? When you jump into classes full of 8-10 people, energy high with the fast upbeat music and the “cheerleading” instructor leading you in high rep., “feel it ’til you burn” exercises on something that very closely resembles a reformer…is that Pilates?  I do believe you could do Pilates on these modified machines, and perhaps what they are doing feels like great exercise. But it brings me back to: What is Pilates? 

Pilates is a form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates 100 years ago, in which every move incorporates your whole self. There are some basic principles that every Pilates move has.  What I see missing from a lot of what is called  Pilates today are the basic principles.  Therefore is it Pilates?  In the Pilates community we used to all take pride in the fact that the exercise require precision, control, concentration, centering, control and very specific breathing. All of which should take several, hour-long sessions to begin to understand before one could competently carry out, on their own, the actual exercises set out by Joseph Pilates.  Sadly, this seems to have been lost today. I do believe there are good ways to conduct group Pilates classes.  However, this is not at all what we see in these “knockoff” forms of “Pilates”.  

If you go to a Pilates class and you are not focused on the Pilates principles, you should ask yourself what you are doing there…because if your goals are centered around “the benefits of Pilates” you may just be in the wrong place. 

Pilates practiced without regard to the basic principles is dangerous.  When you hear of someone injuring themselves in Pilates…you can be pretty sure they were not focused on the principles because the principles are the essence of why it is such an ingenious way to exercise, and why it is inherently healthy.

Taken straight  from wikipedia

Pilates Principles

…The original six principles were concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breathing.


Pilates demands intense focus: "You have to concentrate on what you're doing all the time. And you must concentrate on your entire body for smooth movements."[12] This is not easy, but in Pilates the way that exercises are done is more important than the exercises themselves.[12]


"Contrology" was Joseph Pilates' preferred name for his method and it is based on the idea of muscle control. "Nothing about the Pilates Method is haphazard. The reason you need to concentrate so thoroughly is so you can be in control of every aspect of every moment."[13] All exercises are done with control with the muscles working to lift against gravity and the resistance of the springs and thereby control the movement of the body and the apparatus. "The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy."[14]


For practitioners to control their bodies, they must have a starting place: the center. The center is the focal point of the Pilates Method.[15] Many Pilates teachers refer to the group of muscles in the center of the body—encompassing the abdomen, lower and upper back, hips, buttocks, and inner thighs—as the "powerhouse". All movement in Pilates should begin from the powerhouse and flow outward to the limbs. This is the main focus of Pilates. It does this to strengthen the rest of the body. This can have effects for years to come if you are consistent to the exercise.

Flow or efficiency of movement

Pilates aims for elegant sufficiency of movement, creating flow through the use of appropriate transitions. Once precision has been achieved, the exercises are intended to flow within and into each other in order to build strength and stamina. In other words, the Pilates technique asserts that physical energy exerted from the center should coordinate movements of the extremities: Pilates is flowing movement outward from a strong core.[16]


Precision is essential to correct Pilates: "concentrate on the correct movements each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose all the vital benefits of their value".[17] The focus is on doing one precise and perfect movement, rather than many halfhearted ones. Pilates is here reflecting common physical culture wisdom: "You will gain more strength from a few energetic, concentrated efforts than from a thousand listless, sluggish movements".[18] The goal is for this precision to eventually become second nature, and carry over into everyday life as grace and economy of movement.[19]


Breathing is important in the Pilates method. In Return to Life, Pilates devotes a section of his introduction specifically to breathing "bodily house-cleaning with blood circulation".[20] He saw considerable value in increasing the intake of oxygen and the circulation of this oxygenated blood to every part of the body. This he saw as cleansing and invigorating. Proper full inhalation and complete exhalation were key to this. "Pilates saw forced exhalation as the key to full inhalation."[21] He advised people to squeeze out the lungs as they would wring a wet towel dry.[22] In Pilates exercises, the practitioner breathes out with the effort and in on the return.[23] In order to keep the lower abdominals close to the spine; the breathing needs to be directed laterally, into the lower rib cage. Pilates breathing is described as a posterior lateral breathing, meaning that the practitioner is instructed to breathe deep into the back and sides of his or her rib cage. When practitioners exhale, they are instructed to note the engagement of their deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and maintain this engagement as they inhale. Pilates attempts to properly coordinate this breathing practice with movement, including breathing instructions with every exercise. “Above all, learn to breathe correctly.”[24] Indeed, in a recent interview with the 'Pilates Elder' Mary Bowen, she stated that Joseph Pilates told her that the most important principles of his exercise method were to commit to a lifetime of exercise and learn how to breathe. [25]

Friday, 25 July 2014 19:38

Pilates People:: Abs at home!

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Done correctly, Pilates exercises activate abs more than crunches do, some are over 200 percent more effective!  Do these moves  three times per week on nonconsecutive days and ab-racadabra! A core to adore! Attaining and keeping a nice core all year round is possible. And doing a brief at-home ab workout, with zero gear and minimal space required, is pretty much a no-brainer for busy San Diego residents. But doing them correctly to enjoy the advantages? That requires a small know-how.

Pilates People - Pilates San Diego breaks down six super easy moves that'll target your midsection. And, since reading about exercises—and just how to keep the right form while doing them—is type of like following a game of Twister, here are the signature moves.
Friday, 25 July 2014 19:15

Pilates and long distance swimming!

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Marathon swimmer Doug McConnell circumnavigated the island of Manhattan to clinch the Triple Crown of available water swimming and join an elite club of less than 100 users worldwide.

Although he started swimming as a youngster, the 56-year-old stated it is the forbearance that comes with age that helped buoy him through the 29,611 shots in final month's swim.
GARETH BALE does it, Ryan Giggs does it and today Andy Barcham is doing it.

And the Pompey winger is hoping adopting the methods of Pilates will signal an end to any injury worries.

Barcham features a not likely ally in tackling the exercise regime, too, in the form of Blues captain Ben Chorley.
Friday, 25 July 2014 19:04

Your Healing Energy and Fitness

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There’s no escaping it. From mobile towers to our growing collections of must-have wireless gadgets, we are being swarmed by a constant surplus of electromagnetic radiation.

And it’s not healthy for us, says Jennifer Kries, a San Diego-based fitness expert (JenniferKries.com).
Tuesday, 15 July 2014 22:03

New to Pilates?

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What exactly is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes use of the abdominals, lower back, hips and thighs. Pilates is named for its creator, Joseph Pilates, who developed the exercises in the early 1900s.

A Pilates routine typically includes 25 to 50 repetitive strength training exercises. Pilates is similar to calisthenics, such as situps and pushups. In fact, some people call Pilates the ultimate form of calisthenics. Pilates can assist in flattening your belly, relaxing your neck and overall help with ridding you of all of your aches and pains. If you are new to Pilates it can be difficult to know if you are doing the exercises correctly and activating the deep layer of support muscle in your body.
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